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You've totally got it Martin! It doesn't have to be depressing... Just a lesson (and one that I think the Native peoples learned after they cleaned out the megafauna... Some great wisdom there :).

I was just out in the backyard looking at the prairie gardens that I've been "restoring" out of my eurasian grasses... As an example of how quickly nature will reappear.... I saw 5 species of bees I've never seen in town besides at the metroparks, and I've been around a lot of gardeners in my life. And with the plants I currently have, the bloom is just beginning. I couldn't believe it. What was most impressive was the amount of insects *just* in the wet prairie garden. And this is just a 3 month effort by one person... Imagine if many attitudes changed. And this is my point about not giving up hope on the adults... Any gardener (and some aspiring ones too) who's been over wants a wet prairie now. Go figure. Give them something they will want, and well.. they'll want it.

And I hope you don't take this as a point of arrogance... The only thing I've really done was be crazy enough to dig a hole just to put all the dirt back in... In fact... I'm going to go dig another one right now :)

And once that's done.... It's native fish pond time woo hoo!
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From: Irate Mormon

What an interesting article, Todd. It seems depressing, but then I
realize that if left alone the forest will eventually reappear.
Nature WILL outlast mankind.

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