Re: NANFA-- Survivors

R. W. Wolff (
Thu, 11 Jul 2002 19:27:51 -0500

I also have a suspicion that the fish get scented when in the water long
enough. What I am trying to say by that is the fish have a foreign smell to
them when they enter the new water. They gradually smell like fish that
belong there. The reason I think this, other than aquarium observations
which pheremones could possibly be the cause is fishing bait. Say I am going
bass fishing on the marsh. I buy a dozen golden shiners from the bait shop,
and on the way out decide I need more since a friend is coming along
unexpectedly. So on the way I stop by a spot and net some up quick. The
first time I did this, the store bought ones were better at bringing in
strikes from bass. Then , a few weeks later a similar situtation, and the
wild caught ones work better. I guess there could be a number of things at
play here as well. Shy/inactive fish would probably feed on the more natural
ones and more aggressive fish would find the ones that were not local more
attractive. So now I opened another can of worms. It all might depend on
moon phases, barometric pressure, etc pretaining to fishing. I have done
this numerous times, and either one or the other bait out produces the
other. On really good days though it doesnt matter if they are rotten and
falling apart, ha ha.

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