Re: NANFA-- Be careful
Fri, 12 Jul 2002 16:29:15 -0400

In a message dated Tue, 2 Jul 2002 9:00:01 AM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

> Mr. Ellis,
> I'm sure the Alzheimer's joke was meant in jest, but please
> be careful. In my family, there is little room for humour with this disease.
> No hard feelings.
> Kevin Korotev-Milwaukee

I realize I'm late responding to this, but.....

Pleaaaaaaase! I've had relatives live & then die from the following diseases: heart disease, cancer, drug overdose & Aids; I was saddened by all of these. However, I can & still joke about it. Also, I have incurred permanent nerve damage, had heart disease myself and on & on; still I can joke about any & all of these things. This overly sensitive, politically correct mind set is kind of lame. Life goes on and no harm was intended nor should it,in any realistic sense, be taken as an offense to you or your relatives. But I'm betting you already realized that. I'm not picking on you per se, just pointing out how ultrasensitivity is just about as unreasonable as being too insensitive.

My two cents worth......

Bruce Scott
Meridian, Idaho
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