Re: NANFA-- more on snakeheads

R. W. Wolff (
Sat, 13 Jul 2002 13:34:25 -0500

> One disturbing development, though: One of the local TV news programs
> reported yesterday that area fish shops have experienced a run on
> and are currently sold out. Good grief!

I don't know if it is disturbing. Atleast people should know not to let
these go. I think any time " ugly " fish are embraced by the general public
its good thing. Wouldn't take much to make the jump from the interesting
snakehead to the bowfin , and raise awareness of the importance of bowfin in
their habitat. In fact, it could be a great comparison. " Bowfins are an
integral part of their habitats, and important in the food chain since they
have been there all along". "But, when a foreign invader comes in, often
the case could be that it will do what the innocent bowfin has been accused
of all these years". I think you are right, it is lazy reporting. Such a
good oppurtunity for some information to be spread is being wasted on
sensastionalism and soundbites. But what is new with most of the media

I seen on the TV here as well. They reported someone said they let them go
in there. What is going on? I thought this specie was one that was sold as
a food fish, not the ones in pet stores. Now suddenly ( as this newscast
made me believe, but possibly was misinforming me) that this is a the
species known as the red snakehead sold in almost all pet shops that carry
something more than guppies and goldfish. Could it be this person who
released them just said that to get their fifteen minutes of fame? Like the
person who turns himself in for a high profile murder to get attention, but
doesn't even know how the murder was committed or where. That being said,
even if there are stiff penalties and time to be served for this action,
someone may come forward and say they are the one that did it anyways.

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