RE: NANFA-- more on snakeheads

Denkhaus, Robert (
Sun, 14 Jul 2002 11:48:10 -0500

> It's disturbing to me. You and I both know these people are
> not buying up
> snakeheads because they are dedicated aquarists with a
> genuine interest in
> the family Channidae. They're buying them because they're
> suddenly a cool,
> trendy fish to have. How many of these fish will be well
> cared for once they
> get too big for their tanks?

It sounds a lot like how popular various dog breeds become after they make
the news. Dobermans in the 70s. Rotweilers in the 80s. Pit Bulls in the
90s. How many of those "cool" and potentially dangerous dogs ended up being
well cared for? How many got exiled to a backyard pen? How many got dumped
along the road to fend for themselves? We have also seen the same phenomenon
in the herp world. Big pythons and boas are a prime example. Even amongst
birds, macaws and other psittacines are a fashion statement and often end up
in less than perfect situations. The dogs, snakes, and birds all have "rescue
clubs" that take in unwanted former pets. Is there a need for a snakehead
rescue group? Of course, all those unwanted Oscars and such could be used to
feed the unwanted snakeheads...

Rob Denkhaus
Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge
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