Re: NANFA-- more on snakeheads

Pete Liptrot (
Mon, 15 Jul 2002 00:16:28 +0100

> I can tell you that public aquariums would be especially appreciative to
> have a place to direct caring hobbyists with large fish they can not
> properly house anymore! If you play your cards right, you might even have
> aquariums calling you to see what specimens you have.

It was tried here in the NW UK a few years ago by a private concern. They
ended up so swamped with bent Pangasius, smelly Red-Eared Turtles and
mis-shaped albino Ictalurus they went bust pretty quickly.
There are only so many Red Tiger Oscars that can be found new homes.
I don't know the solution to the big fish problem, I tried to raise it with
the trade association, OATA, over here but found people developed a far-away
look in their eyes when I suggested some sort of responsible approach by
The next thing I plan to suggest is that every Public Aquarium with a
display of sad looking Sand Tiger Sharks should let them go, fill the tank
with freshwater and use it to house all the poor old Giant Gouramis, Black
Labeos and snub-nosed Tiger Shovelnose catfish.
Anyone like to add their support to this?......Nick, you in?......
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