Re: NANFA-- off topic but good

R. W. Wolff (
Sun, 14 Jul 2002 23:50:28 -0500

> I recall some speculation in an ethology class in college (some years ago)
> that open parks and lawns are an innate attempt to re-create our savannah
> birthplace.

Yes, look up "pastoral " on the net and you can find information on this.

The problem with the story is many , though. Mulching mowers are common
place now, why waste energy and money throwing away free fertilizer and
moisture retaining grass clippings and leaf litter. Long shaggy lawns are
the place that attract all kinds of good things, but also more pesky things
such as ticks and mosquitos and other biting insects. I have been through
many "suburbs" ( atleast I guess they are , since they look nothing like I
here about all the time), and similar places and have not seen more than a
handful of yards without trees - deciduous trees on the south side to shade
the summer sun, and let it in during winter, evergreens on the north side to
block the winds of winter. At the killifish meeting today we were just
talking about the subject of how it seems so many garden centers are
expanding and starting up. That would indicate that flower beds and such are
becoming more popular.

I guess it is not only politically incorrect, but also now a sin, to want to
have a this style of yard and "play" with it. Nothing wrong with having a
yard like a forest, I have relatives that have yards like these, just as
interesting as people I know who have super collections of all types of
plants in various gardens. I will admit a yard that is a sheet of grass and
looks like a football field with a house in the middle minus the yard lines
would be extremely boring, but why tell that person that there Ideal of a
nice yard is "dumb and dumber"? I also wonder if "suburbanites" , whatever
that term exactly means, could file a lawsuit on the grounds of
discrimination? I here it in many places, music, TV, magazines, and it is
always the same. " Those dumb surbanites in the comfortable homes and
manicured lawns driving suvs and mini vans trying to raise a family and pay
their own bills... Oh, I think I just answered my own question.

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