RE: NANFA-- RE: Topminnow trap

Hoover, Jan J ERDC-EL-MS (
Tue, 16 Jul 2002 11:28:58 -0500

Rob wrote:
> Is there possibly a typo in this publication? It says the plexiglas is 64
> thick which if my conversion factors are right is about 2.5 inches.
> kinda thick to me!! Could 6.4 mm be right? That's something like 1/4

Then Martin wrote:
>>>I'm sure 1/4 is about right. One does not purchase 6.4mm plexiglas -
it is generally sold in fractions of an inch. But those academic
types can't leave it at that!<<<

>>>...what is your source for the plexiglass tubes?<<<

Jan writes:

Correct. That was a typo. It should have read 6.4 mm. I measured the
Plexiglas using some calipers and it ranged from 4.5-6.8 mm in thickness.

Re tubes - Our last traps were built in 1997 with tubes available locally
(from a plumbing supply company, I believe). Since then, the price of tubes
has gone up and varies substantially among manufacturers. The fellow who
builds these for us located a couple of direct sources but I do not have
that information. I will look into this.
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