Re: NANFA-- trip reports and AC, rambling thank you

Scott Davis (
Wed, 17 Jul 2002 10:17:46 -0500

From: "james graham" <>

> It's the high-light of my day when you guys post a trip report or the AC
> shows up in the mailbox.Having been not very mobile the last year and a
> I've been collecting via the computer.I'm also building my own collecting
> guide by saving all the trip posts so when I do get out I have a
> to go by. All the folks who do most of the work seldom get the praise they
> deserve.Jay with the web stuff, the team at World Headquarters, the grant
> reviewers, BOD and regional reps.
> Sometimes the satisfaction of a job well done just isn't enough.I'm active
> in a couple of local fish clubs and a lot of people act like things just
> happen.

Amen to a lot of Jim's comments.

I think more of us (than one realizes) live vicariously through the
collecting accounts. I certainly do.

I joined this list with a couple of specific questions and stayed for the
post-weekend play-by-plays and the off beat humor of several of the

Oh yeah, finally joined NANFA. Somehow have gotta change our wedding
anniversary from the weekend of the annual NANFA conferences.

Also appreciated are Chris' efforts with A.C. I spent nearly that amount of
time on a little club rag for a little club. A.C.'s contributors, however
cajoled, set the pace for an excellent publication, expanding our too small

Someday it would be fun and useful to see Jim's index of collecting. That
could be used quite effectively with the archives at .

If one does a Google search on "collection North American fishes" mention of
NANFA comes up pretty quickly. If one clicks on the "more results from" they get several 100 collecting accounts. "Prizma and
collecting" will pull over 400 results. While a lot of those are not related
to Casper, clicking on more results from pulls up over 150
references. "Prizma snorkeling" yields 194 results. "Snorkelmeister" pulls
up 23 hits and a bunch of similar pages. My, he has been busy!

There's a book here - "He came from the Crick".
or "What's a Prizma?"

As you all know, if a person messes up their job, everyone lets them know
it. If they do well, almost nobody says "boo." From the New Testament
account of the healing of the 10 lepers on down, we (well "those people
anyway") are amazingly neglectful about saying thanks and expressing our

So thanks all, "you done good"!

All the best,

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