Re: NANFA-- Casper's comments

Roselawn Museum (
Thu, 18 Jul 2002 10:42:10 -0400

Hi All

I appreciate all of the kind words that came my way since Casper started
this thread. I've been writing for many years, so I suppose I don't pay a
lot of attention when people fail to respond. Silence, to me, is not
criticism. On the other hand, even criticism has feedback value in that I
know my expressed thoughts have been considered, however briefly.

Casper and I discussed this some on the trip. I told him that I look at
writing these trip reports in a whole different light, similar to the work
of a cartographer. We are leaving behind "roadmaps", if you will, for
others to follow in pursuit of our hobby. If it serves to further knowledge
about native fishes or aids budding ichthiologists in their fieldwork, it
takes on a value totally independent of literary consideration.

With that in mind, I am more gratified to know that I am a useful
(sometimes) part of the NANFA community than I am that someone enjoys the
way I write. With the hectic life I lead, my brief time in the field is an
exquisite treat. If only I could write well enough to articulate how I feel
when I'm in the water and enjoying the life within it, then I'd be a truly
gifted writer.

I encourage each of you to share your own accounts, in any style, font,
grammar, or regional peculiarity you choose. That way, I can tag along on
YOUR trips as well!

All The Best,

Steven A,. Ellis
Kennesaw, GA
(a would-be fish scribe)
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