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That is so right on Chip. Our society seems to focus on "destinations" and
forget/neglect/cheat themselves to look all around during the journey, which
is usually 90% of any trip. I appreciate that you guys write about the whole
kit and kaboodle as well :)

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In regards to the way you and Casper write, you make me feel as though I am
in the water right there beside y'all (actually, sometimes I am, but thats
beside the point). I strive to be someone who can put my feelings into
words as well as the two of you do. If nothing else, it makes me pay more
attention to my surroundings instead of just what is in my net. The sounds
of the water and birds, trees that overhang the streams, plants along side
the water and even trash seems to take on new meaning. Climbing a fence to
get to the water used to be an obstacle, now its an adventure. I enjoy
reading your reports even on the trips where I have been along with you. It
reminds me how much people take for granted.

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