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If it had a strong color pattern with the same body it was probably a Sauger. They are the other Stizostedion with actual "bars" of dark coloration and are very suited to more southern rivers and turbid conditions (which, unfortunately, are most American rivers now).

The easiest way to note the difference (at least in the boat) is to check for the white patch on the bottom half of the tail (which having it means walleye). Even still, most DNR agencies count all Walleye, Sauger and "Saugeye" (the hybrid.. faint white patch) as the same species when doing a count. It's not so easy when they come in bunches :)

I really enjoy your stories and enthusiasm. Please keep them coming! :)

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From: kahley

Lotts of green sunfish and redears, a couple
small carp and.....drumroll please.....something about ten in. long,
with two top fins!!!!! That means walleye doesn't it?? They were
waaay back in...back in the gloom and I couldn't get a
good look but I did see those two top fins! Had to be, right?
Somehow I thought the body had a pattern and the pic here,
doesn't seem to show a pattern. And it didn't seem to be fat
like a perch....more silver than green.....Arrrrgh. This is sooo

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