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Hydrogen Sulfide also builds underneath the thickeing mats (another component
of the buoyancy), from cells that die since they can't photosynthesize because
the bright sun has accelerated the growth of the colony. Ever been right over
one of those things when they let loose?

I don't suggest trying it ;)

I think once they get to the surface, surface tension keeps them there for a
bit (smack one and they sink immediately). Once that has been lost or lack of
sun decreases the mass of the colony, they drop back down to do it all over
again :)

Now the green hair stuff that grows on the shorelines or on top of plant mats,
that's a whole different story....

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Many times when I see floating algae it is actually mats or rafts that have
floated up from the algae that grows on the bottom. It seems that after we
have a long stretch of warm sunny weather, the algae is photosynthesizing
like crazy and the O2 gets trapped and lifts a raft to the surface. When
it rains, the O2 is expelled and it sinks back to the bottom and decays. I
am not sure if this is what is happening in your pond but is it possible?
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