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Crail, Todd (
Tue, 23 Jul 2002 10:59:45 -0400

A good story...

A buddy of mine's Mom was voted in as one of the county judges. As part of
the "system", children of the politically powerful can get jobs in county
agencies for the summer that are usually cake jobs (what's orange and white
and sleeps two?). So my friend is all excited because he's going to do
nothing all summer and get paid for it.

He shows up for the first day with his assignment with the county road
commission. His job?

Road kill cleanup. All summer.

My friend, obviously upset by this, as his post prep-school hands had nerry
touched a filthy thing, asked "How did this happen!!!???!!!"

The foreman said with an evil grin:

"Your mom requested it... So you'd never come visit her at work."


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From: Scott Davis

Maybe this could be a program for juvenile offenders. Break one window, fix
the window and pull 20 lbs of dead fish. Write a bunch of graffiti - clean
the graffiti and load 50 lbs of dead fish. A funky road to citizenship.
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