Re: NANFA-- disease problem

R. W. Wolff (
Tue, 23 Jul 2002 12:06:19 -0500

"Aeromonas sp "

Aren't these the little buggers that live everywhere and anywhere, soil ,
water etc.? Then it would not be a solution of getting rid of them, but
find out why they seem so happy to attack my fish.

Unfortunatly there are no vets around here that do work on fish, amphibians
, or reptiles. I found the only vet who would look at one of these animals,
and took in my tiger salamander which had a strange growth. I paid a lot of
money to have its ... I forget what they called it, but every animal needs
this big over all check out. I think that is some 60 dollars. Then they can
go ahead and look at any problems. Of course after all that they had no clue
to what caused this strange growth of skin. After that I gave up on taking
any of my cold blooded pets which is all I have = ) to a vet.=, atleast in
this area feeling like I was sort of fleeced. I am certain with the work
that was done on the animal ( I was in the room) that they could have told
me that before making me pay for the little weight, measure etc procedure.

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