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Crail, Todd (
Tue, 23 Jul 2002 17:11:47 -0400

Hi Bob,

While I sincerely appreciate and share your admiration and appreciation for
this excellent club of ours...

I just don't see how it's going to help NANFA. The only piece of paper the
California public servants *should be* interested in, is the letter of the law
on these documents featured on this web page (in the scenario you mentioned):

In my experience, Federal Parks either default to the regulations of the state
they're in, OR if there are different regulations, they're always more strict,
and that's why additional policy has been made. To check your status if
headed to a Federal Park go to put in "Fishing
Regulations <Park Name>" and you'll see what you need to know. Any state DNR
regulations can be found online from any variety of search engines.

As I parused the California regs... It appears that you either put your
specified bait catch on a hook, or you throw it back. There's not much to
explain there (even tho I think that stinks), it's very black and white
(starting on page 10 of the inland regulations).

By arming yourself ahead of time (and there are public libraries *everywhere*
that you can check what regulations are on the web, so spontaneous collection
is no excuse) there should be no need for any other document/permit/membership
card other than what the local public servants need to uphold.

And if someone is not within the confines of the law, then they're up the
creek, and they don't need to take NANFA's good name with them.


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From: Bob Sinclair

And based on my few contacts with the uniformed public
servants at streamside in federal parks here in Southern
California, I am quite certain having a NANFA card would
help explain what I am up to out there with my collecting gear.
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