NANFA-- native community tank, biotope?

Paul Cezanne (
Thu, 25 Jul 2002 12:18:51 -0400

For various reasons I've given up on my idea of stocking my 125 gallon tank with pumpkinseeds. I'm thinking of putting only 2 or 3 in there.

For the rest of the tank, I'm considering rainbow darters (I just love the photos) and madtoms for the bottom. I would like a shoal of something else. A friend recommends perch or shiners. I know that some of the Dace look very nice.

I'd like to restrict the fish to the North East corner of North America, but I've got my heart set on the darters so if they don't fit there I'll forget the biotope or forget them and get something as nice.

Are these fish going to work together? I live is Massachusetts so I don't have all the collecting opportunities that you folks down south have. I'd love a all Massachusetts native tank but my field guide tells me I'd be disappointed.

The tank is dim, only 40 watts are on it. I'd like some native plants, what do you reccomend. I can put 160w on it fairly cheaply. (4 shop lights, GE Sunshine bulbs).


pZ -- Paul Cezanne
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