NANFA-- fundulus chrysotus vs cingulatus
Thu, 25 Jul 2002 19:34:55 EDT

could someone please tell me an easy way to distinguish female and juvi
golden ear topminnows from banded topminnows. i can certainly tell the males
apart as the cingulatus males have beautiful translucent red fins while the
golden ears are larger and the bodies green w/ golden speckles. both very
nice! it is the females or juveniles i cannot tell what apart. they are
nondescript with no marking and physically similiar in appearance.
i still have remaining 2 cingulatus and 2 chrysotus and 2 unknown females(?)
in a outdoor 55 gallon tank for 2 seasons now and no babies. ( i bring them
in during the winter ). im wanting to seperate the species and put them in 2
seperate larger vegetated pools in hopes they will procreate before the
season is out. any advice on id and spawning motivators would be appreciated.
Im thinking that the species are eating each others fry and eggs... or
perhaps the 55 is to small. it is filled w/ lush water lettuce and its dense
very nice fishes... all caught near tallahassee fl over 2 years ago. i sure
would like them to generate some offspring.
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