Re: NANFA-- Re: nanfa V1 #1345 (leeches)

Bruce Stallsmith (
Fri, 26 Jul 2002 18:20:03 -0400

Uh, Moon, no I don't, now that you mention it. I hope you don't think I'm
that ignorant. The various species of _Nerodia_ watersnakes like to think of
themselves as badboys but I avoid bloodsport with them. I only get antsy
when I spot a triangular head, fairly solid dark body and that unmistakable
gaping mouth. Then, I might ask Steven for help!

--Bruce Stallsmith
Huntsville, AL, US of A

>In a message dated 7/26/02 3:21:49 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
> writes:
><< My big phobia here in the southern bend of the Tennessee Valley is water
> moccasins... now THAT'S a PROBLEM! But I'm out with Steven Ellis a lot,
> has taken to always packing a machete. Alright!
> >>
>Please tell me that you don't kill any snakes on sight simply because they
>are there. I don't like cottonmouths either but the creeks and swamps is
>where they are supposed to be. When I see one I leave it alone unless it
>aggressive which is rare.
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