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Fri, 26 Jul 2002 23:27:04 -0400

Announcing the new issue of the Florida Collecting Guide:

The members of the Central Florida Region of NANFA and the Suncoast
Killifish Society, an affiliate club of the American Killifish Association,
are pleased to announce the availability of the new issue of the Florida
Collecting Guide.

This project was originally conceived as a casual guide to collecting native
Florida fishes for the use of local members, providing, in a single volume,
the kind of information that is not normally available to the collector. The
inaugural issue, first made available at the 2000 A.K.A. convention in Tampa
included 64 fish photos, short articles of interest to the collector,
Florida State regulations, and lists of collecting sites with general
descriptions of locations and the typical fish found at each. The authors,
photographers and the publisher donated all the profits to NANFA and the

The publication was very well received and we were encouraged to expand it
into a more formal and useful volume. As a result, the work has been
redesigned into sections that can easily accept addendums and updates as our
research continues. The number of fish photos has roughly doubled, we have
added a new section of aquarium friendly plants that can be collected, and
we have started a section on invertebrates. Future updates will concentrate
on filling in the species not yet represented and upgrading existing
photographs, and finishing the sections on plants and invertebrates. Also
added are sections on collections techniques, and tabular data on breeding
and maintaining virtually every fish that can be adapted to the aquarium.

The Florida State regulations and listings of protected species and species
of special concern have be revalidated, and collecting site location
information has been updated with GPS references to allow the collector to
precisely find them. An expanded table of contents, a complete index, and
miscellaneous articles of interest finish out the volume. The Table of
Contents is provided at the end of this announcement.

The contributor list has been expanded to include Dr. Brett Kemker (FSU) and
Craig Watson, the director of the Florida Aquaculture Laboratory, a
cooperative research facility operated by the University of Florida, and the
Florida Fish Farmers Association. These gentlemen join the original staff of
Henri DeBruyn (Belgium), Brian Skidmore, Charlie Nunziata and publisher,
Mike Jacobs.

The original was printed on one side of each page, and this volume is
printed both sides on a better grade paper that resists bleed-through.
Therefore, the new issue is about the same number of pages as the original
although there is approximately twice the amount of information.


30 pages.

8 1/2" x 11" punched for standard three hole binder

Color Photos: Fish (92 ), Plants (29 ), Invertebrates (9 ), Misc. (13), Maps

Because of the change in the organization of the book, the pages from the
original issue cannot be used. Therefore, we have instituted a two tier
price system.

For holders of the original volume, the update is $20 plus postage. You will
receive only the new pages and a title page that you can simply put into
your original binder. To use this option, please send the title page from
your original issue to demonstrate you are a current holder.

For new buyers, the price is $25 plus postage and this includes a three ring
binder with display pockets.

Postage and Shipping:

Priority Mail: $5.00 (Allow 3 -5 days)

3rd. Class Book Rate: $2.50 (Allow 3 to 4 weeks)

As in the original project, all profits are equally donated to NANFA and the

Send check or money order (sorry, no credit cards) to:

Charles Nunziata

6530 Burning Tree Drive

Seminole, FL. 33777-4615

Ref: Tel: 727-393-3757, e-mail:

Table of Contents:

Florida Collecting Guide/Scope..... Mike Jacobs

A New Season . A New Beginning...... Charles Nunziata

Acknowledgements and Key

1) Florida Native Fishes

Florida Killifishes: Behavior and Breeding: .Henri DeBruyn

General Collecting Guidelines.........Brian Skidmore

Collecting Tips and Methods ........Charles Nunziata

There are rules ................Brian Skidmore

Florida Native Fishes Spawning Information .. Charles Nunziata

Florida Native Fishes Maintenance Information Charles Nunziata

Florida Native Fish Photographs

1) Killifish

2) Sunfish

3) Minnows and Darters

4) Livebearers

5) Miscellaneous Fishes

6) Exotic Fishes

Map Location Code for Fishes .......Brian Skidmore

Florida Map/Numbered Codes .......Brian Skidmore

Latitude/Longitude of Collecting Sites .. .Brian Skidmore

Field Collecting Form ..............Brian Skidmore

2) Florida Native Plants

Notes on Florida Native Aquarium Plants ..Brian Skidmore

Common names of Florida plants ........Brian Skidmore

Florida Native Plant Photos

3) Florida Native Invertebrates

Florida Aquatic Invertebrates

Florida Invertebrate Photos


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