RE: NANFA-- More of a trip report than a collection...

Crail, Todd (
Mon, 29 Jul 2002 11:30:03 -0400


Thanks for your well wishes for our Anniversary. :) Yes, it is very very cool
to watch people's faces light up when they see that first big mass of fish. I
usually take people to a little creek where we park at a Grocery store and hop
off a bridge and look at *droves* of Orangethroat darters, with some
Blackside, Johnnies, and other headwater cyprinids and lepomids, with no
threat of an encounter (again, they only get one freebie trip out of me ;).
The look on their faces when they see all those orange and blue fishies is
priceless, because up until that point, they were looking at another *garbage
strewn crap creek* (I had a similar look on my face when I first pushed a
seine thru there :).

Unfortunately, due to distance... I wasn't able to show Gary that segment. I
think the best thing in the future when doing that at a place where we might
have an encounter is to just not have a bucket anywhere near us. I took one
incase I found some damselfly larvae in solid populations to put a couple in
my new pond. That was a mistake, considering how gray our activities were.


You're very right. Friendly and honest *are* the best approach. And leaving
the bucket at home makes it so much more easy, since really all they cared
about was if we took stuff for bait. Maybe that's just Ohio tho. I can't
imagine keeping all those states straight. I have enough of a time between
Ohio and Michigan :)

Now to address the conundrum of 1-2" lepomid collection.... But we'll save
that for another day ;)


Oh I've done that one too heeheehee (this is not the first time :). I
actually had my ziplock of batteries. I lost my 8mb flashcard so I just have
my biggun. Maybe I should just invest the $20 to get a 4mb card and keep it
with the batteries like you have.

Speaking of which... I think I left the camera in the trunk sitting out in the
sun. <sigh>

Thanks for your responses guys :)
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