Re: NANFA-- sc visitors and sweeten cove
Tue, 30 Jul 2002 10:44:29 EDT

hey todd...
as for why the fella was backhoeing... he was seeking to improve it. he had
purchased the property last year along with 45 acres. tho it was just off the
road hardly anyone knew it existed cause it was overgrown w/ bushes that
even rabbits could not get thru... according to him. he was and is trying to
create a picnic type area for his family and local residents. admirable in
his sharing. i was trying to get thru about plants and leaving a least
portions unaccessible.
a real freak out for me was winessing the florida springs where they were so
trambled down that no vegetation existed... thus no critters. just sand and
ive wanted and been seeking ownership and the responsibility of a natural
spring. i continue to look. they are always fun to find and often were social
gathering spots due to the need for clean fresh water. many times there are
old stone structures around them. my gazateers only show some of them...
usually a local resi points another out to me, or i track them done by going
upstream. i can almost smell and feel water and tell you how far up a natural
spring is. many clues lead me. plants and species. that is a fun way to
locate them
btw todd... i will regret not getting to meet you up in mi. yall have a good
time! im sure it will be a blast!
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