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Crail, Todd (
Tue, 30 Jul 2002 11:17:07 -0400

Awww... I was really hoping you were coming Casper :( In fact, I thought last
night "I need to find my mask and snorkel". I'm sure there will be others
tho.. :)

Well seems like a really nice guy (people around here would have been like
"What the hell are you looking at!?")... but OOOOOOh man. You told him to
just lop 'em and stump treat 'em on the edge of his clearings right?
Infastructure! Infastructure people! :) Hopefully his activities don't trash
that spring.

I've always wanted to have my "secret place" too. We used to kick around the
idea of having a cottage on a lake somewhere, but those are usually polluted
with people who have other ideas about nature use. If we stay in the area, I
think we're going to buy up a sizeable tract of land in the Oak Openings and
restore/preserve it (donate it in our will). Nothing like a 10 acre garden.
Then it can be just us, the ticks and the chiggers. Oh, and all the other
dwindling numbers of critters and plants that used to use that land :)

Wasn't there a B52's song that went "You're livin' in your own Sand County

Todd "Leopold" Crail :)

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hey todd...
as for why the fella was backhoeing... he was seeking to improve it. he had
purchased the property last year along with 45 acres. tho it was just off the
road hardly anyone knew it existed cause it was overgrown w/ bushes that
even rabbits could not get thru... according to him. he was and is trying to
create a picnic type area for his family and local residents. admirable in
his sharing. i was trying to get thru about plants and leaving a least
portions unaccessible.
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