NANFA-- River Reef Report 7/31 Larry is FREE

kahley (
Wed, 31 Jul 2002 19:19:44 -0500

It was easy as pie! I took the pliers we had here and
he almost held still as I grabbed the hook and held on for dear
life. He backed up and pulled the lure loose!!!!! Not much
damage to the lip thank goodness. But he is in terrible shape.
He has worn his fin on that side something fierce and
the bottom part of his tail is worn away and the hide is off the
whole side of the tail. He is also pretty scratched up along his
gill area, where the treble probably poked him as he tried to
rub the lure away. His poor's just a raw stub...but he
sure is glad to take the freebee food <g>. Now time will tell
if infection sets in or if he can get along with the fin damage,
He seems to be swimming OK so I have hope now.

Annnnnnd they ARE walleyes......details tomorrow. I'm pooped.
I didn't sleep well last night. I kept rehearsing scenarios on
how to free Larry. And it was a fabulous day so I swam
for about nine hours straight. I ran through another disposable
camera's worth of film.....aturally, before I saw the walleyes
but I'm gonna get another one. Jeeze....I hope these pics are
coming out. This is getting pricey. But I want proof of
the walleyes. I had the first roll put on a CD. It should be
done in two more days. This time I bought a flash unit...
I hope that helps.

Thank you Lee for being willing to help if needed. I try hard
not to attribute more intellect to these fish than is warranted
but it really did seem as if he knew what I wanted to do and
remarkably, he is not shy of me "post operatively". I thought
for sure he'd never come near me again, but he feeding
from my hand as if nothing happened.

I know I said details later on the walleye, but I'm just to excited
to wait. Since I thought I had used up my film but it was a 9, not a
0 in the indicator. (my eyes aren't what they used to be) I went
over to the snag and peered in. OK...I'll admit that I intended
to try an lure some minnows to the reef <oops>. That didn't
work cause the cadre of chubbs found me and spooked the minnows
back into the brush. That plan scrapped, I poked my head in to
see what I could see. This place is loaded with fish. Dozens
and dozens....what a nice habitat. I'm jealous <g> but could never
gather that much brush to duplicate it and what the heck, it's only 20
feet from the boat! Way back in, I saw the double top fin again.
I shifted slightly to try and get my head in further and it was gone.
I waited and waited and just as I gave up and backed out of the
mess, I glance down and there it was...not three feet from me!
It's got the pattern and the fins and the white tips and it was not
Three walleyes, just holding against the current. Soooo sleek...
like cigars with teeth <g> and delicate in the way they just flicked
away. But not far! They allowed me a good look as they circled
around for another pass.
Now again....I know they are just fish but have you ever heard
the retort "Take a'll last longer" given to someone who
is staring? Well that's the message I got from them as the three
paraded back and forth. But, of course, I didn't have the camera..
aaarrgh! I thought I'd used all the film so I didn't even bother
with it. Tell ya one thing...I'm not gonna teach these three to
eat outta my hand like the catfish do. The catfish occasionally blow
it and get a finger and I have no desire for walleye teeth in my
Jeeze..I am rambling now. sorry You "guys" are the only fish
people I know, except for my river friend and he hasn't been
around for weeks. The rest of my friend's eyes glaze over
if I "talk fish" and sometimes I feel like I'll burst if I can't
tell someone about this stuff. Thanks for your patience!
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