Re: NANFA-- Sorta OT: things that just aren't cool.

Todd Crail (
Thu, 3 Jul 2003 19:17:51 -0400

Thanks for you sympathies guys.

And thanks for the link Scott. I'll check it out later tonight.

In all the fury, I think I missed the fact that a feeding from a new (but
very not fresh) can of FD Plankton was most likely involved (botulism for
fish, anyone?). More as I carefully observe and quit jumping to conclusions
and sound like I'm practicing Voodoo Aquaria because I'm freaking out...

(Number 1 Rule of Aquaria and broken horribly by one Farmertodd last week:

I'm down to 3 M. praecox (no mortalities???) and a Pearl Gourami in this
system. The other fish look better and feed better, now that I gave them
some decent meals. We'll have to see if my hypothesis holds up. Then I'll
begin backtracking...

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> > May be helpful with the natives tho. I saw clear stringie things
> > out of anuses... Stoneroller had a 8 incher.
> Todd, that sounds like it might be a Camellanus infection/ infestation. My
> Adobe Acrobat copy is giving me trouble so I can't read it, but go to
> and check out his Camellanus treatment. A cure
> for a remarkable selection of worms and parasites has been the 5% solution
> of Flubendazole. You might read around a little (google search) and see if
> that would work for you.
> It is so frustrating when you move your fish to a place and situation
> you would think they would be more comfortable and safer and then
> goes haywire. I, and I'm sure a lot of those on this list, can identify
> that. Really sorry this is all happening to you.
> All the best,
> Scott
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