NANFA-- Petco Sucks

Kevin (
Wed, 09 Jul 2003 08:57:32 -0700

Hey everyone,
Yesterday I got home from work and my neighbour called and asked if I could
find out what was wrong with her tank. It was a new (about 1 Week) tank and
she kept having her fish die. So I told her to give me a sample of her water
and I would test it for her. I suspected the ammonia was going to be high
since it was a new tank and she said it looked kind of cloudy. Well it was
high, clear off the colour scale. So I tested the nitrite level too, knowing
this would be high too. Again, it was clear off the colour scale. So I
called her and told her I would come over and help her and explain to her
what was going on in her tank. After getting there and explaining what was
happening I had her show me the tank and even offered to do a 50% water
change for her. When I saw the tank, the first thing I noticed was there was
no filter system. I don't mean an inadequate one, I mean there was NO filter
system. I asked her about this and it turns out the person who sold her the
tank said that a bubble wall was all that she needed. Somewhere in the
conversation my friend asked when she would need to clean the tank. The
sales person told her it should be good for six months. My jaw dropped when
she told me this. What kind of idiots do they hire in those places. Oh I
should mention to that she went back when she lost her first batch of fish
(which they said was ok to put in as soon as she dechlorinated the water.)
and the guy was a little better. He said that the first sales person should
not have told her it was ok to put the fish in right away. But he still
replaced her fish and told her she could put them right back into the tank.
Did not test the water and did not tell her she needed some kind of
filtration. This guy also told her "I know what I am doing, I have been to
school for this stuff." Granted this is a brand new Petco in my home town,
but this is the most basic aquarium knowledge there is. I mean for petes
sake they sell the friggin filters one isle over from the fish!!! oh and
lastly, did I mention the first sales person was the assistant manager?
Idiots like these give the hobby a black eye.


PS. I will be driving by the store today and give them a piece of my mind.
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