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This did not go through the first time.

Lee Harper
Media, PA
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In a message dated 7/9/03 12:37:54 PM, kevino_at_beaverstatedental.com writes:

<< When I saw the tank, the first thing I noticed was there was
no filter system. I don't mean an inadequate one, I mean there was NO filter
system. >>

I started keeping tropical fish in 1942 and we never had any filter systems
and hardly ever changed much water and the fish DID NOT DIE. I still keep many
smaller tanks without any filtration. HOWEVER, there is always some living
plant -- usually Java Moss and the water is dechlorinated and aged a few days
before adding to the tank and there is some starring water from an established
tank along with the Java moss. The fish DO NOT DIE, except rather rarely for
other reasons. Another key is to keep to the good old fashioned rules of few fish
to begin with -- a couple for a 5 gallon tank, or a few more for a larger
tank. I almost never test for ammonia or nitrite, although I know the importance
and I know how to test for it. If the basic rules are followed, you do not
need to test. These are the rules
1. Start with some water from an established aquarium
2. Start with only a few fish
3. Add dechlorinated, aged tap water gradually to the tank
4. Always have some Java moss or other growing plant to use up any
nitrogenous wastes as they are generated
5. Get healthy, compatible fish to start with -- preferably not from Petco

Lee Harper
Media, PA
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