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Kevin (
Thu, 10 Jul 2003 07:39:40 -0700

How do you keep the ammonia levels under control?

On 7/9/03 2:31 PM, "Adam N." <> wrote:

> I sort of collect old aquarium books. It's really incredible then lengths
> that people went to in order to keep fish. Really old books, like turn of
> the century, don't even mention filtration and with gas lighting there
> wasn't the kind of super plant tank we've got now. I feel like there's an
> awful lot of surface area in the tank and with good water movement
> filtration isn't required. I haven't ever had a proper filter in my tanks
> in 5 years. If fish loads are kept low enough, and you change water and or
> have a lot of plants you can have a very low maintenance system. With my
> heavily planted high tech plant tank I have gone months without detectable
> nitrate build up.
> You can learn a lot reading the old books. It's a very different way of
> looking at aquarium keeping and pretty valid I think.
> I currently have a lot of guppies on the porch in just a tank. No
> filtration pumps or anything, a few plants but that's it. These plants
> aren't contributing to the water quality IMHO. They've been there a couple
> weeks and getting on fine, I've done this before.
> Adam
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