NANFA-- Dollar Sunfish distribution in western NC/SC

Rick Phillips (
Thu, 10 Jul 2003 11:49:22 -0400

I've been keeping Longear Sunfish for a number of years and I really love
them. They are beautiful and each seems to have his/her own personality. On
a recent trip to the South Carolina aquarium in Charleston, I saw my first
live Dollar Sunfish in an exhibit tank there. I was really impressed by their
shape and color, and those I saw looked noticeably different from the Longears
I have collected and kept. I have a bit of tank space and think I'd like to
collect a few Dollars and try them. Didn't have much time to collect on the
Charleston trip (did manage to bring back some nice Least Killiefish and
Bluefin Killies (thanks Chip for the collecting site info) and should have
picked up some Dollars down that way.

My point is I wondered if anyone has any knowledge of the distribution of
these fish in western NC/SC as this would be the easiest access point to
collect them from northeast Tennessee. Although they occur in west Tennessee,
that's farther for me than NC/SC! Any info would be appreciated. Ray, maybe
you know something about where I might find them in those states. Thanks.


Rick Phillips
Kingsport, Tennessee
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