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> I missed the first message and I'm not really sure of the exact reason
> that this topic came up. When I express how much pet stores REALLY
> REALLY suck on some of the reptile forums that I frequent other reptile
> keepers jump to the defense. It seems that either other parts of the
> country (I'm in Massachusetts) have much better pet stores or I have
> impossibly high standards.
Around here Pets+ does a pretty good job. They owners seem to go out of their
way to recruit people who know what they are doing. Still their selection of
fish leaves much to be desired. Petsmart often has a better selection but less
expertise the only Mom and Pop store in town (Tropical Paradise) concentrates
on marine fish and does a great job. We used to have several petshops around
town but now we are down to four and three of them are chain stores. the worst
thing about chain stores is that odd ball fish are just not available. Even
some fish that used to be in every shop are not sold due to them being a little
more difficult to keep so the end result is a rather boring hobby. BTW
Petsmart keeps a small bowl of rock salt in every tank. It slowly dissolves I guess
water changes keep it from building up.

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