Re: NANFA-- Algae Eaters

Ty Hall (
Sun, 13 Jul 2003 07:10:40 -0500

True enough Moon. By saying it was not a chemical I meant in the sense of adding a
liquid or some other type of additive. I should have been more specific. Everything
is a chemical. Phosphate removers are a material that absorb the phosphate thus
removing them from the water, similar to the way Charcoal removes odors. I don't
think most people consider adding charcoal to their systems, the same as adding
chemicals. It is not a typical chemical reaction like adding a medication. I like
your idea of using the hyacinths, if room permits, this would be a great idea,
similar to what someone else said about water sprite. If one could suspend their
light above the tank, you could even add the plants directly to the affected tank.
I'm sure the fish would appreciate the additional cover they would provide.

Ty wrote:

> Phosphate remover is indeed a chemical or a mixture or matrix of chemicals as
> every material is. Being natural isn't such a big deal either as nothing is
> any more "natural" than excrement! And to complete being a wet blanket on this
> subject, water changes will not help if your water is high in phosphates as
> lots of tap water is! If you really want natural and don't want to use a harsh
> chemical remover use a separate tank with water hyacinths growing it and slowly
> flow your aquarium water through it. Now I'm sure someone out there can burst
> that bubble as well!
> Moon
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