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Jeremy Tiemann (
Tue, 15 Jul 2003 15:58:41 -0500

Well, my ten day vacation proved to be eventful. Even though we did
not seine our way to Colorado, I did dabble around home (Lawrence,
KS). The trip started on Thurs (7/3) by rushing home to play in a
softball game followed by dart tournament (I wore my Tomelleri L.
humilis T-shirt with pride while showing off my warning-track power
and my inability to hit 18s). Fri I finished a stream logging /
bridge construction project (see Plum Creek and Mud Creek) before
heading to a family reunion. Sat, while the bride went to fix her
hair, I went seining (no this was not our wedding, it was our wedding
reception... all I had to do was show up and mingle). Here is what I
collected (sorry for any typos).

Plum Creek and Mud Creek - La casa de mi madre y padre - Jefferson Co, KS
Central stoneroller - Campostoma anomalum
Red shiner - Cyprinella lutrensis
Sand shiner - Notropis ludibundus
Suckermouth minnow - Phenacobius mirabilis
Bluntnose minnow - Pimephales notatus
Creek chub - Semotilus atromaculatus
Black bullhead - Ameiurus melas
Channel catfish - Ictalurus punctatus
Green sunfish - Lepomis cyanellus
Orangethroat darter - Ethestoma spectabile
Kansas river - Bowersock Dam in Lawrence - Douglas Co, KS
Shovelnose sturgeon - Scaphirhynchus platorynchus
Gizzard shad - Dorosoma cepedianum
Red shiner
Emerald shiner - Notropis atherinoides
Sand shiner
Bluntnose minnow
Bullhead minnow - P. vigilax
River carpsucker - Carpiodes carpio
Channel catfish
Western mosquitofish - Gambusia affinis
White bass - Morone chrysops
Bluegill - Lepomis macrochirus
Green sunfish - L. Cyanellus
Deer Creek - Clinton Wildlife Area near Stull - Douglas Co, KS
Central stoneroller
Gizzard shad
Red shiner
Redfin shiner - Lythrurus umbratilis
Bluntnose minnow
Black bullhead
Yellow bullhead - Ameiurus natalis
Slender madtom
Western mosquitofish
Green sunfish
Orangespotted sunfish - Lepomis humilis
Largemouth bass - Micropterus salmoides
White crappie - Pomoxis annularis
Orangethroat darter
Freshwater drum - Aplodinotus grunniens
* Common carp - tragically tried to become an air breathing fish

Sun we left for Colorado... we stopped and looked at a few places but
decided not to seine for various reasons (no water, too much water,
no access, no permission, etc.). Mon went hiking and saw mule deer,
mountain goats, various small mammals. Tues went whitewater rafting
on the Arkansas River through the Royal Gorge... it was awesome
despite the fact that the water was a little low at ~850 cfs (if
anyone goes out there and participates in whitewater rating, book
with Buffalo Joe's... the outfitter is top notch with the best guides
and best lunch... grilled veggies with steak and chicken). Wed went
exploring. Thurs went fishing (caught one small rainbow trout) and
returned back to Lawrence. Fri went fishing in several farm pond and
area lakes near Lawrence (caught green sunfish, bluegill, largemouth
bass, and channel catfish). Sat relaxed. Sun returned home to find
several flooded Illinois rivers, which postpones my field sampling
for a week. The trip contained good company, excellent food & brew,
beautiful fish, and a the worst sunburn ever.

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