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Bob Sinclair (
Tue, 15 Jul 2003 20:09:15 -0700


Living here on the left bank of America, and given the scarcity of suitable
aquarium species in our local California waters, I take long driving trips
to the southeast at least a couple times a year.
While my practices appear a bit different from what others have posted, I lose
virtually no fishes when keeping my "catch" for as long as 10 days to two weeks
while en route.
I use a 52 qt. plastic Coleman camp cooler with battery-powered air pump
fastened to the lid with "hooks & loops" tape, the lid drilled for an air line
running down into the water with a bubbler stone at the to keep it under water.
I do a partial water change at least once a day...about half the water, adding
an appropriate amount of NovAqua or similar each change.
Finally, I keep the water cool by putting zip lock bags of ice in the cooler
chest tray (not directly in the water), checking every once in a while when it's
really not, to be sure the water stays very cool...even cold. This procedure has
worked well for me for a number of years with no major problems.


Not long ago I posted the following message, and so far have received two
replies...neither writer, unfortunately, being in a position to help with some
hard information.
My trip is still a little over three weeks off, but I really can use some help.
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RE: Need advice - Portland to Duluth, then onward to Santa Barbara CA

Next month I'll be driving from Portland OR to Duluth MN for a gathering
of motorcycle types - motorcycling being another of my many avocations. :-)
I'll have my collecting gear with me. Not being at all familiar with the
collecting possibilities along the route to Duluth and return, I would love
to have some specific information - locations, species to be found, etc.
in any or all of the following states. I plan to generally travel on the
Interstate concrete slabs, but will have plenty of time for diversions
where advisable.
Portland to Duluth...
North Dakota
Duluth to Santa Barbara
I'm partial to darters and killies, but am interested in collecting a few
species of other types as well, especially those suited to a community
tank. (All my species-specific aquaria are full up, and I don't have room
for least that's what my wife tells me!)
Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

Bob Sinclair
Santa Barbara CA

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