Re: NANFA-- Feeding live food
Wed, 16 Jul 2003 08:17:39 EDT

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<< I've kept fish for years but I've always avoided
fishes that ate "live food" like the plague. >>

Well, there is difference between no live food and vegetarian food. The
principle ingredient of any pellet or flake food is fish meal or crustacean as a
source. Is that a problem? Many fish cannot exist on a vegetarian diet, since
they are not built that way. For vegetarian fish, you certainly can avoid live
animal matter, but fresh vegetables are also "live" as are live algae and live
aquarium plants. In any case whether it is living or derived from living
material, some creature or plant will die to create that food. The only food we eat
regularly that is not derived from living things is salt. Is dying a slow
death due to starvation better than being eaten?

Lee Harper
Media, PA
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