Re: NANFA-- cold tolerance of southern fish

R. W. Wolff (
Thu, 17 Jul 2003 21:26:21 -0500

> leptolucania ommata - no cold
> bluefin killie - doesn't mind cold
> american flag fish - some cold
> fundulus seminolis
> fundulus cingulatus - some cold
> fundulus chrysotus - some cold
> Heterandria formosa - some cold
> sailfin mollie - no cold
I have kept all these, but only now have seminolis, for years in ponds
outside. No cold means they can take down to near freezing water, for a few
days. If it doesn't warm up or they are disturbed, they will die. Some cold
is the same, but duration is longer ( that they can handle it) or the same
things will happen. Doesn't mind cold means they will do well for a few
weeks with even some skim ice forming at night. These are all observations
from my ponds, and could vary depending on conditions. Best is to bring them
in some where that the water doesn't stay under 45 degrees for very long
over winter. Most of my observations were from screwy years when the cold
came quick and stayed, or I was lazy and waited too long to get them in. I
have never had a problem with killis spawning the following spring outside,
even though they were kept at room temperature all winter. Even diaphanus
which is restricted to northern locations and handles the cold just fine.

Ray W.
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