RE: NANFA-- Feeding live food

Chirstyn (
Thu, 17 Jul 2003 23:25:27 -0400

> Well, there is difference between no live food and vegetarian
> food. The
> principle ingredient of any pellet or flake food is fish meal
> or crustacean as a
> source. Is that a problem? Many fish cannot exist on a

Y'know, that I can handle. I'm quite sure that the food that I feed my
other fish has a meat component to it somewhere - I can do that - but I
don't really care to check. I can even handle, like, *freeze-dried* food
that were, like, formerly live.

But it's the whole idea of taking a dipnet into a school of minnows, or
feeders and scooping out some random collection of them and dumping them
into a tank only for them to be pursued to their deaths. It's the "what
gives me the right" thought that runs through my head.

It's, like, all in my head, I know. And the biology of meat eating
creatures is something that I do understand but, as I said before, I have a
problem with consigning creatures to death like that (the live lobster tanks
at restaurants give me goosebumps).

I did a bit more looking after sending my last message and I found a few
"recipes" for, like, beefheart mixed with other stuff (I saved the URL so I
didn't have to memorize it) which, obviously, some people use for their meat
eating fishes. From what I gather younger wild fish can be trained or
coerced into feeding from this. I think this is good news for me. :)

I have a ways to go yet before, I think, I'm entirely prepared for this
endeavour but I'm psyching myself up to it. I've got the basic edicts of
keeping fish under my belt, I just need to learn a bit more about the lake
from where I intend to take the fish and more about the fish themselves
(sunfish is what I want, I think).

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