NANFA-- silty mountain water
Mon, 28 Jul 2003 11:28:56 EDT

a 3 day weekend checking out some regional water
we ( my self and a couple tn aquarium folk ) snorkled spring creek at the
hiwassee... i searched but did not see the blotchside logperch. caught log perch,
redlines and bandeds for the big fish tank. then we went to ocoee for
gilts... high water, turbulance keep us moving south. then did the conasauga for fun.
crystal clear. new darter for me... rock darter. always a great spot.
i then did tellico alone on sat. very silty. im dispairing over that river.
did not see any spotfin chubbs. but lots of saffrons, rosy sides, tangerines,
gilts and shiners aplenty. still tho lots of areas are just BARREN. a short
heavy rain came and within 30 minutes the water was chocolate milk. every rock
turned yields up a cloud of silt.
sunday i went on new looks. did the hiwassee below the appalachia dam. very
interesting. clear. warm water, mollusks, turtles, snakes. white tail,
warpaint, tn shiners. not much specie diversity tho.
then in a viewquest of tn dace. cut across north side of hiwassee high up.
coker creek, shuler, loss, towee. all but towee silty. shuler ok... recent rains
cloudy all waters up. towee last of the day and most interesting. mirror
shiners, warpaints, tn. next time i will hike up for pools for tn dace. very
rugged land. steep dropoffs. winding gravel roads perched on the edge of ravines.
curious about the dam and its inhabitants. water levels. interesting
architecture to snorkle in. lots of lush river weed. looks like great darter habitat
but only 1 small pair of unknowns were seen.
a mushroom camp is in cataloochee nc aug 15, 16 and 17. ive invited a couple
fishheads to camp too as we will be by a mountain stream. perfect opportunity
for a nature emersion!
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