Re: NANFA-- U.S.Postal Service won't ship

Gupp (
Thu, 01 Jun 2000 20:32:17 -0600

Here's some more info on the shipping situation. I noticed an article in
the business section of the newspaper today. Basically it was saying
there's a new federal government law that requires airlines to report
the number of animals killed or injured on flights. So major airlines
are refusing to allow pets to go in the cargo holds in the months of
June, July and August. Later in the article it says that about 500,000
dogs and cats are transported in by airlines a year and in the last 5
years 2,500 were affected by cargo temperature and 108 died. So let's
see they carried about 2,500,000 dogs and cats in 5 years, 2,500 were
affected by the temps, that's .1%. And 108 died, that's about .00432%.
So they decide to close up the whole thing for the summer. It seems the
fix is a little extreme. But at any rate that may be where this whole
thing is coming from. Maybe someone else can find some more information
about it.

It seems to me that it would have been better if they just told the
airlines to inform pet owners what temps the cargo may get to and the
risks involved for their pets, and let the owners decide what to do from
there, instead they decide it would be better to cripple the entire pet
industry instead, well maybe it's not that bad, but I'm still unhappy
about the situation. I guess I'll just keep shipping fish and not
labeling them.



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