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I am happy that in your example things worked out, I just doubt that it is
the rule and not the exception.



The place where I sent the package was going to a very small town in KY and
they didn't have mail trucks so a pick up truck was used. I was shipping
Tropical Fish just to let you know. Overnight the weather changed
tremendously and all the boxes that were to be delivered had to sit in the
back of the pickup in the freezing cold. The driver saw that "LIVE FISH"
written all over the box and put them up in the front seat with him. If the
post man hadn't of put them in the front with him some of the fish might
have lived. So that is my explanation about my writing "Live fish" helped.


Henry Deford
Owings Mills, MD
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> I am not a postal employee but, I seriously doubt that packages are
> afforded any special handling because they have "Live Fish" written on
> them. I have never heard of the postal service providing any special
> services without charging extra for them. Additionally if the fish are
> packaged properly there should be no concern that the fish will suffer
> because they have been left in a truck or anywhere else for a period of
> time. What's the difference if they are in a truck or sitting on your
> porch? I can't speak to the cabin pressure issue but I think the water
> offer some protection from this, not an expert just my opinion, but again
> what guarantee do you have that the fish are shipped in a pressurized
> compartment anyway? I believe someone did already mention that all areas
> the airplane are pressurized, even the "cargo" areas. If that is correct
> then it's a non-issue.

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