Re: NANFA-- U.S.Postal Service won't ship

Christopher Scharpf (
Fri, 02 Jun 2000 17:58:32 -0400

>I'm back to my same bone to pick with you, Chris. So, if there is a .00432%
>chance of dying, let's say from driving your car, are you going to stop

You bet! That's 1 in every 250 people who get in their car! Statistically
speaking, we'd all be dead in a year! If driving were THAT dangerous, then I'd
want the Feds to make it illegal!

Let's think about this, people. If one in every 250 cats & dogs that flies in
the cargo hold of an airplane dies, then why shouldn't the airlines forbid it?

> (I'm betting there's a greater risk of injury or death than .00432%).

Nope. Do your math. .004% of 250 is 1.

> I say let's go a little easy on continually creating more regulations.

What regulations? If I remember the original post correctly, the Feds are merely
requiring airlines to *report* on the numbers of animals lost during the summer.
To avoid the paperwork (I guess), the airlines said, "Screw that. We just won't
fly any animals in June, July and August."

>This is
>written with respect and a genuine concern that we are losing too many of our
>freedoms and not meant as a 'flame' to Chris.

Thanks, Bruce, I appreciate that. IMHO, the "freedom" here belong with the
airlines -- the freedom to decide whether or not ship your beloved cat or dog
during the summer.

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