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>Hey Niki, welcome aboard! I also live in Wisconsin, but on the other side,
>in the Racine area. I contacted the DNR and was told that the rules are as
>follows; No special permit is required to keep native fish in Wisconsin.
>The only limitation is that if you are collecting the fish from the wild
>they must meet the minimum size limitations as set forth in the fishing
>regulations and all possession rules also apply. You must also have a valid
>Wisconsin fishing license. The person I spoke with was John Nelson. He is
>in the Plymouth office of the DNR in Wisconsin and can be reached at
>920-892-8756, at least he could when I spoke to him, if you have further
>questions. There are several people on this list that are from Wisconsin
>and a few are even in your general area. You may also want to check out the
>Native Fish Conservancy at They have a similar mail
>group and most of the people over there keep native fish as well.
>I have kept all of the fish you mentioned and of them my favorite is the
>Rock Bass. They are all very territorial and will divide the tank up into
>little sections. If one fish wanders into another's territory he will be
>chased back out. The Pumpkinseed I had was the worst. He completely
>dominated the tank and herded all of the other fish into an upper corner.
>Then kept them there. I finally decided that if I wanted more then one
>fish, he had to go. I also have Perch, but they are kind of boring. They
>tend to be a nocturnal hunter so they just kind of lay around during the
>day, getting more active in the evening.
>Let me know if you need anything else.
Thanks for letting me know about the legalities, I do have a fishing license
so sounds like I'm ok :o) I think the rock bass are really interesting too,
I don't know how to go about collecting the fish except by angling for them
or buying them, but I do go fishing some and quite frequently get rock bass
and bluegill. I do really like the idea of the pumpkinseeds though, they're
such beautiful fish. I have my 55-gallon tank, I also have a spare 10-gallon
in case of any disputes *LOL* As soon as I get my tank and my fish up and
running I'm sure I'll have lots more questions :o) Thanks again for your

Niki Evans

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