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Wed, 7 Jun 2000 07:31:29 -0500

For the fish you are talking about angling is the best way to get them.
That is how I got all of mine. Just use really small barbless hooks and set
the hook quickly to prevent them from swallowing it. You can also get them
from people on this list (buy or trade) and you can also buy them from
hatcheries. Being that you are close to Minnesota, you can also buy native
fish in some Minnesota pet stores. Someone on the list may know of one near
you. If you are also interested in other fish, like Darters or Minnows and
such, you can use various nets and traps to catch them. I have to agree on
the beauty of the Pumpkinseed, mine was awesome. If I could only find one
that wasn't quite so aggressive, I could find a home for him in one of my
tanks. As an FYI, the rules do change from time to time, so you may want to
check back with the DNR every year or two, just to be safe.


Thanks for letting me know about the legalities, I do have a fishing
so sounds like I'm ok :o) I think the rock bass are really interesting too,
I don't know how to go about collecting the fish except by angling for them
or buying them, but I do go fishing some and quite frequently get rock bass
and bluegill. I do really like the idea of the pumpkinseeds though, they're
such beautiful fish. I have my 55-gallon tank, I also have a spare
in case of any disputes *LOL* As soon as I get my tank and my fish up and
running I'm sure I'll have lots more questions :o) Thanks again for your

Niki Evans

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