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Subject: First Outing of Michigan Regional Chapter
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Sorry for getting this out later than I wanted but I have been busy, and =
things are just getting back to normal. For those who would like to know =
the outcome...
The first meeting of the Michigan Chapter of NANFA met at the Hudson =
Mills Metro Park on May 20th. There were five members and their guests =
- 11 or 12 in all - and the weather was fine. The first area we tried =
was a small feeder creek where we collected Rhinichthys atratulus, =
Pimephales promelas and Cemotilus atronaculatus. We then turned our =
attention to the main river where Bob and I had previously collected =
darters earlier in the spring, in ankle-deep water. With four days of =
rain just prior to this collecting trip however, the water was now at =
mid-thigh, but still clear enough to see the bottom. The current was =
fairly strong; it was all two people could do to hold the seine and not =
get pulled down the river. Needless to say we left that spot =
empty-handed, but Bob did manage to catch a large map turtle. The group =
also explored a spot away from the main channel and in somewhat slower =
water, which we expected to be prime habitat for Fundulus notatus, but =
none were found. We moved on to a pool near some small rapids where we =
had more success: We caught Notropis rubellus, Cyprinella spiloptera, =
Fundulus notatus (one pair), and what I believe was the catch of the day =
- Labidesthes sicculus. None of us there, I believe, had ever seen one =
before (except in pictures!) No Noturus miurus were found however, of =
which one had been collected on the previous scouting trip. We tried =
another spot under a bridge where the water was somewhat slower and it =
was easier to control the seine; here we got some of the darters we had =
been looking for - Etheostoma caeruleum and Etheostoma blennioides, and =
also some beautiful Hypentelium nigricans. It was then time to break for =
lunch and photograph our catch. All in all I feel it was a successful =
first meeting and everyone there had a good time. I hope to see more at =
the next meeting!=20

Leo Long

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