Re: NANFA-- "Brain Coral" Freshwater Bryozoans?
Mon, 12 Jun 2000 00:51:54 EDT

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<< They may also be one of several types of colonial bacteria, such as
Butter" which Latin name escapes me at the moment. These forms love funky
water like it seems your source is. >>

Another comment I wanted to make concerning your statement would be that in
defense of my theory that these things are bryozoans is the fact that they
are gelatinous like certain types of bryozoans are and they were found in an
area with no little or no current, just as freshwater bryozoans are supposed
to be (one exception is what I believe to be some sort of lophophoric
bryozoans colonizing rocks in the riffles of the Misteguay Creek).They also
grow on things like leaves and twigs just like gelatinous bryozoans are
supposed to do.I don't know if colonial bacteria would take the form of brain
coral. However, on the other hand, I know next to nothing about colonial
bacteria so they could still be some sort of colonial bacteria. I guess I'll
try to find some stuff on the internet about them, but I imagine I'll have to
wade through a lot of junk to do so which makes the process seem to take
forever and after looking at twenty web pages devoted to the subject I could
still be no closer to finding out what these things are.

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