Re: NANFA-- Little River, AL, trip

patrick vinas (
12 Jun 2000 18:54:08 -0700

Hi guys

I want to thank everybody for that wonderfull day.
Being a newbie i have learned a lot.I saw my first drums while snorkeling,they were quite big along with Redhorses,Suckers,Shiners,Darters,Sunfishes,basses,Channel cats and the amazing Logperch that uses its nose to lift big rocks and check for food underneath (everybody should see this once).
My Logperch and Sculpin are doing fine in their new home eating red wigglers.
Dave and Bruce are a real pleasure to have around their knowledge and patience are unlimited.
Casper is fun especially if you can keep him (and the dog) from snorkeling in your seine.We netted him a couple of times ;-)
I am glad to have Steve and Jonathan close by,those guys breathe threw gills!!!
Casper when do you plan on having this next trip?
Steve, Jonathan anything planned locally?

Thanks again to all of you


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