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<< AND released every one unharmed! Maybe

times are a changing >>

I think they are. I know in the last 10 years or so I have released most fish
that I have caught for these reasons:
1) Awareness that the fisheries are being depleted and that a released,
uninjured fish has a very good chance of surviving, if done properly.
2) Increasing concern about the increased toxic chemical buildup in older
piscavores like pike, trout, bass. Ontario has documented this in 1000s of
lakes. Many low level mercury effects are natural, not man-made, but still
3) The realization that larger fish don't taste as good as younger, less
toxic fish and usually are thrown away because they are either too much to
eat or don't taste very good. Pike in particular, are very fragile in flavor
and for best results should be killed, cleaned and eaten within an hour of
catching. Less, if possible.
4) An increased attempt to document fish by photos and wooden replications
rather than hanging a stuffed fish on the wall.

Lee Harper

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