Re: NANFA-- brown trout, ecology and personal viewpoint

Mon, 4 Jun 2001 21:36:25 -0400

> I can't say anything about exotics being better than native fish, but, we
> now have bowfin in the Moto Arakawa River. So another exotic American fish
> winds up in Japan.

The problem is worldwide.French and european rivers are infested with
stunted Pumpkinseeds and bullheads which aren't native.They are competing
and winning with european species.
In France when freshwater fishing, you get fine if you get caught releasing
a catfish.You have to dispose of it or eat it.I don't think it is all over
the country but just in some areas.
An indigenous species of Seaweed has also started to kill "Posidonia" which
is a native Seaweed of the Mediterranean sea which litteraly carpet the
bottom for miles in spots.
The accident happend when the Monaco aquarium released some by accident in
the sea (The Monaco aquarium gets all their marine water directly from the
sea via a complex system and they probably reversed the process).They
actually knew what they did and sent divers weekly to the dump site and
within a few weeks constated with horror that it had started spreading.
3 years ago i snorkeled on the french riviera and there was a lot.I asked my
dad since i had been raised snorkeling these waters what that stuff was and
he explained it to me.
French aquaria and diving newsgroup talk about it all the time.
It is actually very pretty.


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