Re: NANFA-- Bubbles to go

Roselawn Museum (
Fri, 08 Jun 2001 15:18:53 -0400

Gee...what was I thinking? Now, can I borrow $40? (JUST KIDDING!)

Steven A. Ellis
Kennesaw, GA

At 03:02 PM 6/8/01 EDT, you wrote:
>kinda high cost huh...
>well the 12v plug in type airerator would probably be about 20-25 bucks. i
>see those at Really Big Lots too... those are great place to shop! are Big
>Lots all over the country?
>so for a few bucks more...
>this voltage inverter device can be used for all kinds of things as well.
>could run a small aquarium pump to drain the water from your floorboard
>a day of cooler sloshing, you could blow dry your hair after taking a
>chasing top minners, you could recharge your batteries for your head lamp
>night siening, you could run your electric toothbrush for a quick shineup
>after doing the macdonalds drive thru, you could run a small satillite dish
>to download and print directions to site A or that stream eastward, you
>run a small can opener in case you break the key off your sardines tin. why
>there are lots of things you could plug in besides just an old used aquarium

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