Re: NANFA-- Darters in Mississippi

R. W. Wolff (
Tue, 26 Jun 2001 23:07:15 -0500

This is good news. I wondered as there seems to not only be several
distinct strains of longear, but dollar sunfish as well. I used the darter
example in poor taste and context. I am by no means a lumper, but as for
example. The longear / dollar complex should get the genus name ictheles ( I
think that is correct spelling) if they are split into several species.
This would show thier longear relations ship. I dont know, I have not had a
biology class in over 13 years, but the way the specie, genus and up the
line was taught to me, it was like a road map. It showed relationships among
the animals and plants etc. It could be getting to the point now that this
system is not up to par. Possibly something is needed between specie and
genus, I think subspecie is an abomination, like the sub specie is sub
whatever, and not a true specie ( or not even an animal or plant ha ha) .
It serves the purpose in many cases now, but....


> It won't remain megalotis for long... ;)
> Nick Lang, a PhD student in our lab, has a lot of data supporting the
> recognition of peltastes. I expect he'll submit the manuscript sometime
> fall...
> Again, some folks think North American ichthyology is all taken care of.
> They couldn't be further from the truth.
> best,
> Dave

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