NANFA-- Fine-leaved plants/sand
Sat, 9 Jun 2001 00:19:42 EDT

Usually my fine-leaved plants collect large amounts of light-colored
debris from the water, which looks unsightly, and at times can hinder the
growth and sometimes actually kill the plant(s). Any type of filtration I've
tried with fine-leaved plants like milfoil, bladderwort, etc. does this. I
have seen pictures and heard that U/G filtration will not allow the debris to
collect on the thin leaves of the plants, as it confines any detritus to the
bottom. I have tried internal cannister filters, external cannister filters,
and air-operated sponge filters. I probably cannot use the sand (1-2mm) in
the tanks that grows the plants so well, and looks good, as Mark pointed out.
A strong flow of water from a power filter may displace the sand (and
uproot/harm the plants), however I have seen tanks with fine sand and
beautiful cabomba and milfoil with no debris collected on the leaves. What's
the deal? Any suggestions as to how I should approach this? Any input would
be great.
______Dan McConnell Marshall, MI

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